The Wilmington (DE) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated, was sponsored by the Philadelphia Chapter and was established on April 10, 1948, as the third chapter in the National organization of The Links, Incorporated. Twelve civic-minded women, already active in various other organizations, comprised the founding group. The charter members were Beulah Anderson, Edith Barton, Alice Brown, Grace Goens, K. Lorraine Hamilton, Ann Harris, Marjorie Hopkins, Marjorie Jackson, Rozellia O’Neal, Elizabeth Anderson Parker, Sara Taylor, and Sara Jane Waring. Alice Brown was the first president of the chapter. Past presidents of the chapter are:

         Chartered on April 10, 1948, the Wilmington (DE) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated is poised to celebrate 70 years of friendship and service in Wilmington and its surrounding communities. Led by the chapter’s first president, Link Alice Brown, twelve civic-minded women founded the Wilmington (DE) Chapter and established the chapter as the third chapter to join the national chain of civic-minded women known as The Links. 

        Since its inception, the Wilmington (DE) Chapter has been committed to serving the Wilmington community with thoughtful service and impactful programs with an eye toward enriching the quality of life for all residents. Through the years, the members have brought many firsts to the community including sponsorship of the Ebony Fashion Fair Show, presentation of the incomparable Duke Ellington in concert, sponsorship of projects for migrant workers, book awards, scholarships to college-bound students, presentation of African-American artists at the Delaware Art Museum, and was one of the first African-American women’s organizations to join the Fund for Women (providing funding to programs for women & girls). 

         Over the years, the chapter has donated educational supplies and finances to schools in South Africa, fostered cross-cultural communication by hosting local international students at luncheons, and instituted a tutorial and checkers program (homework for 1 hour, checkers for 1 hour) which aided students in developing their math skills.

         Today, the chapter boasts a membership of 60 members under the dynamic leadership of Dr. Joan Coker.  This diverse group of talented women continues their legacy of service by providing transformational programming in the organization’s five facets: Services to Youth, The Arts, National Trends and Services, International Trends and Services & Health and Human Services.